National Grandparents Day

generations-handsSince 1978 the United States has celebrated grandparents on National Grandparents Day.  The day falls on the first Sunday after Labor Day.  This year, National Grandparents Day will be celebrated on September 11th, a day when many will pause to reflect on the terrible and tragic events that occurred 15 years ago in New York, Pennsylvania and outside Washington, D.C.  A day when grandparents may have been taken from their families or when grandparents became the solid foundation for those who lost parents.  Thus, this year in particular National Grandparents Day allows us to remember the impact grandparents may have had in our lives, but also reminds us the time marches on, and that the memories and stories that our elders have will be lost unless captured by the next generation.   Those memories and stories may help plan or shape our journey.  So in recognizing grandparents on National Grandparents Day, it is a chance to bring the generations together to build a legacy.  What is it that you want your legacy to include?  #GrandparentsDay #Buildalegacy #estateplanning #September11th #NeverForget @bgnthebgn