Online Forms – To Use or Not to Use?

Many people ask why they should not use online forms that are available for free? Why do I need to go to an estate planning attorney? If you choose to use a form, you run the risk that the form will not be accepted in the state in which you live. Each state has different requirements for the execution of a will, trust or power of attorney. An estate planning attorney can help guide you through the requirements and also ask the tough questions about the family dynamics that are often not considered when using a form. More importantly, using an estate planning attorney ensures that your wishes for the disposition of your estate are clearly identified for your family in the proper manner.

In addition, a form does not encourage the dialog that a visit with an estate planning attorney does. That dialog includes important topics such as incapacity planning, tax planning, health care decisions and guardianship. However, an estate planning discussion also involves the little stuff. For example, who will receive Aunt Sue’s china or Uncle Frank’s antique car. Very often people forget about the little things and focus on the house, bank accounts or life insurance, when in fact, the disputes arise over a particular piece of furniture or jewelry that had strong sentimental value. Forms do not address these issues in the way that having a conversation does. Regardless of the value of your estate, forms do not lay the complete groundwork for your legacy. #legalforms #estateplanning