How Do You Want to Be Remembered…

When it comes to being remembered, you may have very detailed plans that you want implemented or you may not have thought about it at all.  During the recent blizzard or Snowzilla on the East Coast, the Tomb of the Unknowns was constantly guarded, as it has been since 1937, a tribute to those who had fought in earlier wars.   Of course this raises the question as to how you would want to be remembered.  Here is a short list of some considerations:

(1) Who should be notified – Family, friends, colleagues, organizations or groups, listservs, newsletters or other publications?

(2) What personal information would you want to have included? Certain information is required for a death certificate, but are there certain accomplishments or interesting stories you would want shared?  Do you want an obituary, and if so, what should it say?  

(3)    How do you want your remains handled and where do you want to be buried? This could include your preference for cremation versus burial or use of a family burial plot, mausoleum crypt or cremation niche for an urn.

(4) Do you want a marker or headstone? If so, what should the engraving say and how should the marker be designed?  Do you have a preference as to the type of urn or casket?

(5) Do you want a memorial service or just a big party? Should any service be religious, and if so, are there particular hymns to sing, certain readings to include and/or particular persons you want to provide eulogies or words of remembrance?  Are there military honors to be bestowed?  Should any service be for family and close friends only?  If you are to be buried, are there personal items to include in the casket? A particular outfit in which you want to be buried?  Do you want a viewing?

(6) How should the costs and expenses be paid and by whom?

This list includes only a few of the items to consider, but will hopefully start the conversation with family members.  Ultimately, the more planning that is done can help alleviate stress on surviving family members during an already difficult time and also pay tribute in a respectful, thoughtful manner.  #estateplanning #howtoberemembered #blizzard2016 #snowzilla